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In the week of the G7 Summit in Cornwall, we’re taking all 100 Foxhole Academy schoolchildren to Polkerris Beach near St Austell to learn about marine conservation and engage in water-based activities.

The aim is to develop the children’s enjoyment, respect and knowledge of the marine environment.

Says Matthew Oakley, head-teacher of Foxhole Academy: “Today is World Oceans Day and with climate change and the environment being an important focus of this weekend’s summit, we wanted a practical way to engage the children’s interest in the issues affecting their world, right here in Cornwall.”

Learning about nurdles. Billions are used each year to make plastic products, but many end up on our shores.

An action-packed day for the younger half of the school on Monday 8th finished with a beach clean and a living message to global leaders.

Photo credit: James Street
Photo credit: James Street

The day included water-based activities organized by the Trust.

Photo credit: James Street

RYST chairman Dina Wheatcroft said: “Monday was an inspiring day for all – and especially exciting for the three children in my group of five for whom this was their first visit to the beach. It was a joy to see them in the water.”

Matthew Oakley added: “Sailing builds children’s confidence and teaches important skills for life. We encourage children at Foxhole Academy to learn to sail and we couldn’t do that without the support of RYST, for which we’re very grateful.”

A second day at Polkerris has been arranged for the other half of Foxhole Academy’s 100 children on Thursday 10 June.

Finally, here’s James Street’s drone recording of the children’s message.