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The young people taking part in August’s expedition on Tall Ship Maybe enjoyed a team-building session at Polkerris Beach on Tuesday 26 July. All were able to attend, except Millie Green who had work commitments on that day, and they were joined by reserve venture Edward Brickell.

From left: Tom, Matthew, Wilf, Rosie and Eve resting on their paddles

The Polkerris Beach watersports staff organised a superb day of activities and it was great to have better weather after a rainy weekend. Introductions included a ‘bucket list’ exercise, in which each person had to say one thing they’d like to do in their lifetime. Interestingly, one was a trip to the Scillies, the destination of last year’s expedition.

Tom paddles past Jack and Lily

In the morning, the main activity was kayaking along the coast.

In front: Wilf and Tom. Chasing hard: Matthew and Eve
Sam enjoying a quick swim
The famous kayak dance, demonstrated by Lily

After a picnic lunch, the venturers took to stand-up paddle boarding, which presented a number of challenges.

Rosie helping Lily on/off the board
Matthew shows how it’s done
Aquatic see-saw with Jack and Tom

The climax was a ‘mega-SUP’ in which eight people had to get on the same board.

And they’re off…
Stability achieved

There was lots of fun and lots of getting wet, which helped with the day’s aim of getting to know one another before they set sail in August.

We’re grateful to Cornish Lithium for sponsoring the day at Polkerris Beach. Cornish Lithium is an innovative mineral exploration and development company providing the raw materials for the Green Industrial Revolution.