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For the first time in nine years, Falmouth will once again host the start of the prestigious Magellan Elcano Tall Ships Race in August. Roseland Youth Sailing Trust is enabling 14 Cornish teenagers to take part in the first leg of the race from Falmouth to Spain on Tall Ship Maybe.

Our venturers will learn how to rig sails, tie knots, navigate at sea and steer the ship in the 10-day voyage to A Coruna. Lots of hard work and plenty of fun racing the other Tall Ships in a confidence and teamwork-building adventure as they transition from school to the world of work.

24-metre gaff ketch Maybe took part in the first ever International Tall Ships Race in 1956. 67 years later, she’s one of the few original boats still competing in the International Tall Ship Races.

An exciting trip for our venturers – and for us. 2021 was RYST’s first step towards supporting young people aged 16-plus as an extension of our Schools Programme, helping them get the experience and skills needed for quality jobs in maritime and related industries.

We’d booked Maybe that year for the 2021 Tall Ships race, but it had to be cancelled because of the pandemic, so we sent our young people to the Scillies instead. The experience was described by one of them as ‘the best 10 days of my life’.

In August 2022 we built on that success with a second adventure on Maybe, this time east from Falmouth to Hope Cove and back.

Now in 2023, it’s a case of ‘third time lucky’ (fingers crossed) as 14 new venturers take part in the originally-intended race to Spain.

The project would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors, who each cover a place aboard, plus return travel and insurance, so the trip is completely free for the young people selected.

We’re currently recruiting venturers and are seeking two further sponsors. If you’d like to join the race, please use the application form on this site, but hurry, as selection is nearing completion. And if you’re interested in sponsoring a place, please contact RYST chairman Dina Wheatcroft at