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Tall Ship Maybe departs Falmouth on Tuesday 9th August 2022, returning on Thursday 18th, with 14 young people aboard aged 16 to 19. The energetic and enthusiastic teenagers, sourced mainly via schools taking part in our sailing programme, are keen to learn the ropes – and they’re hoping for adventure.

Each place aboard is sponsored by a local organisation or private benefactor, to whom the Trust and the venturers are extremely grateful. Meet the lucky 14 who made it through the application process, plus one who is first in line should anyone drop out.

Lillie-Rose Brannigan

Sponsored by Frost Builders, 16-year-old Lillie-Rose lives at St Austell and attended Poltair School. She says: “I love the freedom and smell of the sea and I have high aspirations to be in the Navy, so would like more experience on the water. During this fantastic opportunity I will be gaining skills for future life including life in the workplace and new skills like communication.”

Kimberley Boddy

Sponsored by Wing of St Mawes, 18-year-old Kimberley lives in Lostwithiel. She says: “I love the sea and being in it, on it and around it. I swim, body surf, coasteer, kayak and paddleboard. I love exploring beaches, caves and collecting sea glass and watching all the different sealife. I also have a passion for photography and videography and if the opportunity arises on board to use my skills, that will enable me to be more connected with my environment. The trip will also help make me more confident and independent.”

Roseland School is especially well-represented this year, in the shape of Millie Green, Wilf Donnelly, Matthew Clow, Eve Riley, Mawgan Taylor and Tom Smelt.

Millie Green

Sponsored by St Just in Roseland Parish Council, 19-year-old Millie lives in St Mawes. She says: “I had a place on the boat last year but couldn’t go and so was hoping to try again this year. From what I’ve heard it’s such an incredible experience. For me, the ocean has many wonders, but I feel like the unpredictability is scarily beautiful. From how one minute the sea is calm, when you can feel a gentle breeze in your hair, to the next, where you’re deafened by the wave’s roar, the sea is truly magnificent and has my total respect and awe.”

Wilf Donnelly

Sponsored by estate agents H Tiddy, 16-year-old Wilf lives in Tregony. He says: “What I love about the sea is its space, its unpredictability and the fact that it’s always challenging, whether afloat or in it. Taking part on this voyage, me and my crew mates will learn a plethora of new skills and also explore the vast expanse of the ocean, beautiful and exciting as it will be. As well as the experience I will gain from this adventure, I am excited to meet and forge new friendships. This is a lifetime challenge to test my resolve and abilities and to sail beyond St Mawes Harbour!”

Matthew Clow

Sponsored by RYST, 17-year-old Matthew lives at Gorran Haven. He says: “I have been on the water my whole life and have a passion for it. This is a great chance to be out on such a unique ship and learn what goes into sailing her. I love the endless opportunities that the sea holds. I am eager to gain a large range of skills from sailing the ship whilst also making memories that I will carry through life. I feel it will also just be great fun to be adventuring out on the water meeting new people.”

Eve Riley

Sponsored by Beverley and Nathaniel Gee, 16-year-old Eve lives in Portscatho. She says: “My friend Bea Hetherington did the trip last year and said it was a fantastic experience. I’ve had sailing lessons through Roseland Youth Sailing Trust for a few years and got up to RYA Level 3 but then Covid struck and then I had to concentrate on my GCSEs which I’ve nearly completed now. This is a great opportunity to get back into sailing. I also think it will help me push myself out of my comfort zone. I am so grateful to be able to try a new and enriching skill in an adventure that I will be joyfully looking back on for years and years to come.”

Mawgan Taylor

Sponsored by 2021 venturer Josh Lewis, 16-year-old Mawgan lives in Gorran Haven. He says: “I hope to make new friends, learn new skills and see the coastline from a different perspective. I think this voyage will help me boost my confidence around new people. I am also very excited to visit different places, especially the Isles of Scilly. I hope to study engineering after my A Levels, but I am unsure in which field. The voyage will give me the perfect chance to think about the possibility of marine engineering. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m privileged to be a part of it.”

Tom Smelt

Sponsored by 2021 venturer Josh Kendle, 16-year-old Tom also lives in Gorran Haven. He says: “I think it’s brilliant that I am able to go on such a voyage. I’m very keen to work in a marine-related industry. I would love to improve my sailing skills and feel this opportunity, working with a team, will greatly improve my confidence. I have always loved being on the water and have family history working on Tall Ships, so I will very much enjoy the trip.”

There are four venturers from Brannel School: Sienna Fearn, Jack Morris, Samuel Colwell and George Moore.

Sienna Fearn

Sponsored by Cornwall Community Foundation, 16-year-old Sienna lives in Roche. She says: “I love new challenges and adventures. I love meeting new people. I have very little boating experience but have always wanted to try more sailing and I feel this will be an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to learn new skills and make memories for life.”

Jack Morris

Sponsored by Classic Cottages, 16-year-old Jack lives in Newlyn. He says: “I want to join the tall ship voyage because I love the ocean and love being on boats and hope to have one of my own one day. I once did a week’s boat trip with the Island Trust in Year 7 and I want to improve my skills and learn more. I am greatly looking forward to exploring coastal places of Cornwall and meeting new people, possible friends for life.”

Samuel Colwell

Sponsored by St Mawes Pier & Harbour Company, 16-year-old Sam lives in St Austell. He says: “Learning to sail a Tall Ship will hopefully give me skills I can take into the future, such as teamwork skills, communication skills and sailing skills. This is a voyage I can put onto my CV and use for job interviews in the future. I hope to make new friends and develop memories and stories I will remember.”

George Moore

Sponsored by accountants Phillips Frith, 16-year-old George lives at Foxhole. He says: “I had the opportunity to sail with the Island Trust organised by Brannel School and enjoyed it a lot. I love the smell of the fresh sea air and one of my hobbies is fishing. I’m a hands-on person willing to muck in and I’m grateful for your support for this next adventure. Out of this voyage I would like to get a once in a lifetime trip around Cornwall that will help me in later life.”

Two venturers, Lily Quant and Rosie Thomas, join from Falmouth Marine School.

Lily Quant

Sponsored by St Mawes Sailing Club, 17-year-old Lily lives in Falmouth. She says: “From these nine days I hope to build my team-working skills and also gain experience for working on a boat because in the future I would like to do something similar for a job. In college I am studying to become a watersports instructor and I would love to travel the world with it, so this trip will really help me achieve this aim.”

Rosie Thomas

Sponsored by Flushing Sailing Club, 17-year-old Rosie lives in Hayle. She says: “It will be a wonderful experience sailing this far because I’ve only ever been in a Pico at college, so it will be interesting. It will be amazing to spend some time away from land and be free in the ocean. I am very excited to experience working with new people and making new friendships experienced in different kinds of life.”

Edward Brickell from Veryan is our reserve venturer, who will step in if one of the others is unable to take part.

Edward Brickell

16-year-old Edward says: “I would welcome the opportunity to participate in this life-defining challenge and aim to make the voyage as positive an experience as possible for everyone involved. I would also like to develop my social skills, considering I am moving up to college in September, and will likely know very few people in my classes. Managing the ship as a group would be an ideal way to do this.”

Says RYST chairman Dina Wheatcroft: “They’re a lovely group of young people and we wish them all the best for the voyage.