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Venturer Kimberley Boddy appeared on BBC Radio Cornwall this morning to talk about her recent trip with 13 other young people on Tall Ship Maybe.

Venturer Kimberley Boddy with BBC Radio Cornwall’s Jack Murley

Kimberley told interviewer Jack Murley how her mother had heard RYST chairman Dina Wheatcroft announcing the expedition earlier this year on Radio Cornwall. Mrs Boddy rushed into her daughter’s bedroom and shook her awake, crying “You have to do this! 10 days on a Tall Ship! You have to do it!”

Kimberley duly applied and heard she’d been selected on a yomp in the middle of Dartmoor, where she was working towards her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

A few weeks later she was on board Maybe, heading off to Brixham in Devon, learning the ropes, taking watch, playing piratical pranks on her crewmates and seeing plenty of sea-life. “We saw dolphins nearly every day and once we even spotted a minke whale”, said Kimberley.

Kimberley was in no doubt about the benefits she’d gained from the trip. When Jack Murley asked her what she’d say to other young people if they had the chance to sail on a Tall Ship, she said “Just go for it!”

You can listen to the interview on BBC Radio Cornwall’s Julie Skentelbery show this morning (Monday 22 August) at from 11.40 to 11.51.