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Grants to Individuals

If you’re pursuing a maritime career and there are qualifications you need but can’t afford, or you’re a home learner who can’t afford sailing lessons, a grant from RYST could help bridge the gap. Our age range for grants to individuals is 9 to 25, and while we won’t beRead More »Grants to Individuals

Offshore Sailing

Since 2021, we’ve sent groups of young people on sea voyages to experience the excitement and pride of making a 10-day journey under sail. The goal is to help young people at the start of their adult lives develop attitudes and skills for quality jobs in maritime and other industries.Read More »Offshore Sailing

Support us

With no government funding, RYST relies on the generous support of local individuals and organisations. Here’ s how you can help: 1 – Make a donation Support our Schools and Grants to Individuals programmes by helping us pay for instruction in RYA-approved sailing centres and for bursaries for talented individualsRead More »Support us

About RYST

Founded in 2015, Roseland Youth Sailing Trust is registered at the Charity Commission for England and Wales, charity number 1164283. We have no funding from government or local authorities, relying entirely on donations from generous individuals and organisations. Trustees and volunteers give their time free, so all the funds weRead More »About RYST

The Schools Programme

RYST works with schools to fund and organize sailing lessons at RYA-approved watersports centres for children aged 9 to 15, at no cost to schools or parents. FILM: ‘RYST at Polkerris Beach’ by Nikki Clemens 1 Why we’re needed 2 Why schools welcome RYST 3 Success stories 4 How toRead More »The Schools Programme